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Construction of 8 houses in Huehuetenango

Project in Huehuetenango

Construction of houses in Yulmacap, Barrillas and Canton La Playa, Huehuetenango for families that have children suffering from the Xiroderma Pigmentosa disease, result of the radio that took place last August of 2014 in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Washington DC.

Thanks to the whole community of different countries and to companies like Megamart that made their contribution, the project has already started.

The Spring Association thanks all the people who did everything possible to arrive last Saturday, the 23rd and Sunday, the 24th of August to make their donation.

We will keep you informed of the progress, thank you very much and may God multiply your contribution or better yet, bless you in everything you do..

Construction of the 8 houses in Yulmacap

Day of love for children suffering from xeroderma pigmentosa

Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Provide a light of hope. Solidarity and compassion for those who need your help. Families with extreme cases of children suffering from this disease. Join the effort to provide decent housing and mitigate their treatment. Support the cause of the most needy you can make the big difference.

Put your donation in the blue boxes that are in the chains of Megamart and the RIA branches, our goal is to be able to build 8 special homes, and we have also opened an account in the name of a spring association where you can deposit your help account # 7919302138 Wells Fargo .






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Delivery of the 8 houses

Spring Association provides aid to the victims of the earthquake on November 7, 2012 and also gives scholarships to children.

United with the common goal of seeking to unify and support migrants and their families in the capital region of Washington DC and in Guatemala. Considering the economic strength and the contribution that the diaspora contributes to the engine of the Guatemalan economy, so we focus our efforts on the following areas of work.

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Hogar Seguro

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