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Team Lola – Una Mano por mi Hermano

The Spring Association Inc., does not help, or favor relatives of the members of the board of directors, a situation that is made clear in the bylaws of the organization All the actions of the organization are taken by consensus, within the board of directors, the general assembly and all those meetings that to make decisions, .Members Board of Directors

 Leticia Barán
 Ubaldo Sanchez
 Rodulfo Santizo
 Vinicio Cabrera
 German Díaz Mencho

The Spring Association Inc. Performs every year two artistic-cultural festivals- Gastronomic-tourism promotion-unification of the Guatemalan migrant community in the Consular Jurisdiction, events that are developed to ensure that the Guatemalan community has spaces for family life, motivate the unification, promotion of culture, music, gastronomy, Guatemalan tourism, motivating civic and citizen participation in the United States and Guatemala, to be a proactive and participatory society in all social components of the Washington DC Metropolitan region.

The Spring Association Inc., promotes and motivates the participation of the entire Guatemalan migrant community in the Washington DC metropolitan region, being present in all matters of interest to Guatemalans, ensuring their interests and elementary rights, being considered a social organization of benefit and protection of people in a state of vulnerability.

The Corporation is organized for the charitable, social, cultural and educational development purposes such as: a) promote the participation of the Guatemalan community to preserve its identity, customs, traditions and the interrelation of all communities of different provinces of Guatemala.

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Ciudad de Guatemala
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Cambiar la vida de las personas

Hogar Seguro

Velar por una vida mejor para cada persona

Hogar Seguro

Velar por una vida mejor para cada persona

Niños con educación

El estudio de los niños está en un promedio bajo que se le brindan en los departamentos